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Indoor Board
We offer quality indoor board for a limited amount of boarders, we have the small, private barn atmosphere with the amazing facility of a large barn with the added benefit of an indoor arena with jumps . Each horse is grained 2x per day, access to fresh water, great quality hay, and turned in and out daily. Blanket service is available. Also our large paddocks have round bale feeders for free feeding all day and there is a shelter outside your horse can go in free choice  
$500 + HST
Maple Lane Farms Boarding Services
At Maple Lane Farms, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available for inquires from 8am- 9pm 7 days a week.  

Part Boarding
Partial Indoor /Outdoor Board 
Arena Rentals
Both the indoor and outdoor arenas are available for ship in rentals on an hourly basis. During this time you are welcome to bring your own coach and use our jumps and other equipment if required. 

​Rentals are $30 per hour per horse.
Part boarding is a perfect way to feel like you own a horse without the expense and commitment. With part boarding you get 1 lesson, and 2 "free rides" per week. Free rides are unsupervised rides where you can just enjoy your horse either in one of the rings or on the trails.  

Regular Part Boarding is $250+ HST per month with no additional fees. 

Young Riders Part Boarding-
This is a special program we developed for the young horse enthusiasts that want to spend more time at the farm. Riders get 2 lessons per week on the horse of their choosing. 

Young Riders Part Boarding is $220 + HST per month

We offer quality outdoor board for a limited amount of boarders, Each horse has access to fresh water, and great quality hay. Boarders have access to all the barns facilities. Blanket service is available. Horses are grained 1x per day if required.
$400+ HST

Partial Indoor board is a new option we are offering to our valued clients. With this option your horse has a stall and comes in during inclement weather, but stays out during dry weather. 
$450 + HST